As an expansion module for the FlowMarker®, we recommend the Hydra for fog generation in areas difficulty to reach, such as

  • beneath ceiling outlets
  • behind claddings
  • inside model constructions
  • and wherever fog is suitable for visualizing air flow.

The basis for the Hydra system is an adapter easily to be coupled to the FlowMarker® for mounting a flexible 3m application hose instead of the standard application tube. This flexible hose can be elongated up to 10m (outer diameter ~ 16 mm). The fog leaves this module in the same condition as well-known from the FlowMarker® with standard application tube.

Using these additional modules fog can be emitted at distant places, so that the position of the basic device FlowMarker® is only limited by the length of the application tube.

User will be able to assemble components adjusted to each special application by combining different application tubes.

The Hydra does not only combine the important functions of fog cooling and impulse attenuation well-proven by the FlowMarker® but moreover comprises an adjustable micro-blower which helps controlling the speed of the fog emission very precisely.

The Hydra provides fog output slightly increased compared to the volume output by the standard FlowMarker®, so that the Hydra is also recommended to be used when “just more fog” is needed.

The velocity of the output fog can be regulated in a continuous manner.

The control element of the blower chamber (micro-blower) is charged by the charging socket of the FlowMarker®, so that the device operates wireless.

The Hydra is also applicable in situations with a slight counter pressure such as in a a closed wind tunnel.

The Hydra can be combined even with FlowMarker® devices of an older type.

Furthermore a Hydra-Variant in the shape of a multi-armed extension module  (FlowTracer) was developed with the aim to supply several fog outlets simultaneously with one FlowMarker®.

supplies hydra

  • Standard Device
  • Hoses available for a length of upt to 10m
  • Complete Package

    • Flowmarker
    • Application Tube
    • Hydra