We use our products for our engineering services covering aspects of air flow.

Furthermore, many of our experimental studies on the indoor air flow were completed by our computational fluid dynamics: We create the real room conditions on a virtual level on the computer and simulate the prevailing air flow inside the room for different temperatures, material conditions, gas ratios and certain other movements inside the room.

Based on the results of such simulations we propose solutions for solving revealed flow problems and moreover provide you with the know-how of our design engineers regarding implementation of your finished product or your finished building.

In a first step our engineers investigate existing interior spaces by the means of special measurement techniques – supported by flow visualisation with fog generators especially developed for this purpose. Our outstanding experience in gathering and recording relevant measurement data serve as a basis for the effective advice we give to our customers.

Alternatively or even additionally, we simulate the air flow on computer level: With a virtual image of the room or building to be considered we provide conditions for numerically calculating air flow parameters including temperature fields and dust loads in order to give our customers a view on the air flow conditions easy to understand.

The synergy of these experimental and numerical experiences in fluid technologies enables us to always provide our customers with the fastest and most effective procedure.

Also, the ventilation strategy of planned interior can be checked in advance with the help of computational fluid dynamics (and of course improved if necessary!).

High-level security in planning of our customers’ buildings is the extraordinary result! No need to mention, that this strategy reduces operating costs and completely avoids any costs for future modifications due to any problems that otherwise use to arise.

Application example: flow around an aerofoil

The flow visualization can be made either by fog generators, like the FlowLiner or the FlowMultiLiner, or with numerical calculations.

The following video shows the direct comparison of numerical calculation with the reality.