Can fog be coloured?

No, because the water droplets inside the fog reflect white light (which is a all colours).


How long does the fog remain?

The dwell time of the fog depends on the ambient temperature and humidity.


Which is the maximum temperature for fog generation?

Strong fog threads can be generated up to temperatures of about 40°C. However, (less intense) fog generation is even possible at higher temperatures.


May hazards arise from the fog?

The fog fluid is a mixture of highly pure alcohol as used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and demineralised water. Nitrogen is used as a propellant. Therefore, the contact of the fog fluid with the skin is uncritical. However, the fog fluid shall not be drunk.


Is it possible to use another fog fluid than the SAFEX fluid?


Since the heating elements and the controls are precisely designed for fog generation at the vaporisation point of the original fluid, either the capillaries might clog or even no fog can be generated.


Will the dissolving fog leave any residues?

Like natural fog, the artificial fog condenses on cold surfaces as a moisture film.

The alcohol component of the fog fluid may remain for a while but also evaporates subsequently free of residues. The used fog fluid is highly pure.


What should be attended with the accumulator?

  • The associated charger must be used.
  • Deep discharging should be avoided.
  • Alternatively, the new Akkupad can be used.