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Tintschl BioEnergie und Strömungstechnik AG is a member of the Tintschl group of companies. The company was founded by Tintschl Engineering AG in 2009. Our range of products and services developed from the original competence of the spin-off of the Department of Fluid Mechanics at  Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Thanks to the wide skill range of our engineers from various disciplines, we are able to carry out improvements to new developments as well as to process components and to bring products to series production.

This is where the advantages of our many years of experience in ventilation and measurement technology interlock. We also use the knowledge we have gained to advise on constructions based on optimal fluid mechanics. Our experience in the field of fluid mechanics is also specifically geared towards products for the visualization and measurement of air currents.

Due to the high level of training of our engineers, technicians and draftsmen, our range includes high-quality, specialized engineering services and technically sophisticated products. These can be divided into the following areas:

Engineering Services

Measuring and Visualizing Air Flow

Testing Fume Cupboards according to international norms (DIN, EN, ASHRAE)

Designing Components for Ventilation Technology and Process Engineering


Tintschl BioEnergie und Strömungstechnik AG is an official DIN member

We know the value of rules and standards for the industries in which we operate. That is why membership and direct exchange with the German Institute for Standardization e. V. is so important to us.

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