Our videos show the application of fluid mechanics in practice. Solving a wide variety of fluid mechanics problems led to a profound fluid mechanics know-how.


Our videos at a glance

We would like to be the partner for our customers for processing fluid mechanical tasks and supporting their innovations and developments by our experience, knowledge and creativity.

The combination of numerical methods in the planning phase, the measurement technique in practice and the use of our fogging devices lead us to the treatment of the interesting tasks in the shown videos.

Simulation FlowLiner

Flow visualization of an aerofoil in the wind channel at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg. The video shows the comparison of the real airfoil, with an flow visualization with the fog generator "FlowMarker®"  with a numerical calculation of the same areofoil.

FlowPointer - How do I use the small fog generator?

Professional flow visiualization with the fog generator FlowPointer of Tintschl BioEnergie und Strömungstechnik AG.

Laser light cut

The video shows the components, the assembly and the operation of a system for the creation of laser light cuts. The system was developed as part of a diploma thesis in cooperation with the Coburg University.

Flow visualization with a fog probe in the wind tunnel

The video shows an airfoil in a wind tunnel with a lateral flow. The flow is visualized by the fog probe FlowLiner ® from Tintschl BESt AG and the newly developed FlowTracer HS. This makes possible to examine the flow pattern in various positions of the wing and to explain special features such as vortex formation, stall and the  rossing of flows.

The recordings were made in the wind tunnel test rig of Technischen Hochschule Nürnberg.

Reproducing the real  robustness test by applying CFD

During type testing according to DIN EN 14175 Part 3, the robustness test often determines whether a fume cupboard complies with the required standard values.

In addition to checking the limit values in our measurement laboratory, further fluidic findings can be obtained and the fume cupboard can be further optimized.

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